a sneak peak of #knublesign

As part of our wildly popular #onemoreyear campaign, we’ll be unveiling a new epic sign at Wednesday’s (4/6) Caps game. It’s the last regular season home game of what could potentially be Knuble’s last year with the Caps – perfect time to start something new, right?

It’s what we’re calling a “chain sign:” 21 individual posters (K – N – U (x16) – B – L – E) that will (we hope) involve everyone in our row. The idea will be to display the sign whenever Knuble’s name is announced (it is, after all, inspired by Wes Johnson‘s reading of the name) or he does something Knubley and therefore awesome.

We need your help:

If you’ll be there for warmp-ups, join us on the glass near sections 113/114 and snag one of the letters to display during warm-ups. Just be sure to return it to us before the game.

If you’ll have a view of Section 107, take some photos and tweet them to us (@knublesknights and tag them with #knublesign) or email them (to knublesknights (at) gmail (dot) com).

If by chance you are actually sitting in 107-R, or know someone who sits there, or want to sneak in from another section (we do not endorse this), help us! This one will rely on a good amount of cooperation, but if we can pull it off it should be pretty great.

If you’re watching on TV and they show the sign, send us a screen grab via twitter (@knublesknights and tag them with #knublesign) or email (knublesknights (at) gmail (dot) com).



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4 responses to “K-N-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-B-L-E

  1. Gabi

    My friend and I will be at the game but way up in the 400s… Are we allowed in the 100 section for warmups? If so, I can guarantee you’ll have two more people holding up U’s!

    …if we can’t go down there, then I’ll at least take a picture and email it to you after the game!

    • admin

      YES! You are allowed in the 100s during warm-ups. (Just tell the usher “I want to watch warm-ups” and they’ll let you in. When warm-ups are over Wes gets all voice-of-god and tells people to go to their regular seats.) It does involve some standing around (doors open an hour before game-time and warm-ups don’t start for a while), but it’s worth it for a good view.

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  3. My camera and I will be there with bells on. 😀

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