#knublesign wrap-up (THANK YOU!)

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the #knublesign experiment so much fun – especially to the awesome guys from @russianmachine and @JapersRink for helping get the word out. And thanks to @UnleashtheFury for getting there early and helping us get the best spot on the glass, and all the rest who showed up to hold signs and be part of the fun.

The players seemed to like it during warm-ups. We got a puck shot (right at my face, yikes) from Chimera and stick taps from Hendricks. And of course, Knuble noticed as well. He ended up tossing 6-8 pucks into the crowd gathered around the sign. (For those who wondered why so many Us were missing during warm-ups, we decided not to take up so much space because we didn’t want to be the jerks who blocked kids from seeing warm-ups from the glass.)

Thanks also to everyone who snapped photos. Here’s what we’ve found so far. If you got one and it’s not here, send us a link via @knublesknights or to knublesknights(at)gmail(dot)com.

It's a beautiful thing! (pic by @clydeorama)

Sir Ryan unleashes "the fury." (pic by @PuckBuddys)

(pic by @knublesknights)

The crowd builds. (pic by @Kyle_T_Fisher)

Someone even brought their own "We (heart) 22" sign! (pic by @cnichols14)

You could almost see the sign from across the arena. Almost! (pic by @Kyle_T_Fisher)

We'll work on getting them all at the same height next time. (pic by @GottaLuvHockey)

Thanks of course to everyone in 107-R (and the guys in Row S) for being so into it. We had no idea if people would go for it and you totally did. So much fun.

Todd from Caps Game Entertainment also came by during the third period and got some video of the sign. We’re not sure what, if anything, they’ll do with it. If we find out, we’ll let you know!

If you’ve read our post explaining the whole “Knuble’s Knights” thing, you know that we do this crazy nonsense because a) it’s fun and b) we want to help others enjoy the game by cheering on guys like Mike Knuble. We’re so stoked that it worked! Hopefully we’ll get at least #onemoreyear out of Knuble and get a chance to do it again.



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2 responses to “#knublesign wrap-up (THANK YOU!)

  1. One of the coolest signs I’ve ever seen, not even gonna lie. 😀 Wish I could’ve seen it in person. Way to go, Knights!

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