#knublesign2 (a.k.a. Tonight, We’re All Knuble’s Knights)

Be it hereby decreed that on the Twentieth day of the Twelfth month in the year of our Lord, Two-thousand Eleven, #knublesign2 was a righteous victory for all that is noble and good.

Or, put simpler, we made a big-ass sign and once again people actually agreed to help hold it up as we all celebrated Mike Knuble’s 1,000th career NHL game. Here are some photos courtesy of lots of great people. Also be sure to check out the recap of the 1,000th-game ceremony from the indubitably extraordinary Russian Machine Never Breaks, from whom we kindly “borrowed” some of these shots.

We mentioned it on Twitter last night, but wanted to say thanks again to Megan Knuble (that would be Mike’s wife) for saying hi last night before warmups. (Megan and their kids were watching from the ice machine tunnel right next to where we were.) She was extremely gracious and we’re honored she would even stop by and say hello.

Congrats again to Mike Knuble on reaching this epic milestone. It was an honor to contribute to the festivities in our small way. And thanks again to everyone else who made it work.

And now begins the picture show.

Getting set up at warmups (via @irockthered)

Set up on the glass for warmups. Thanks to all who helped!. (via @raedanda)

Possibly our favorite shot of the night - Knuble in front of us at #knublesign2. (We're holding up 2 fingers because he had just scored his second "goal" during warmups. Also because it works out to be 2 and 2, which is totally what we meant to do.) (via @clydeorama)

P.S. Clydeorama got a ton of great shots at warmups. Check ’em out.

#knublesign2 made it into the silver stick presentation (screen shot via @russianmachine)

#knublesign2 on CSN's broadcast. If only the "l" and the "e" had their heads in the game. (screenshot via @russianmachine)

The Caps did a montage for the ceremony, and used some older video of us in it - how cool is that?!

Having some trouble embedding the whole video, so view it on RMNB’s recap.

CSN also did its own montage at some point around the second period:

And showed us awkwardly seat-dancing during the music for the last Power Play. (via @WashCapsRock)

To cap (hehe) it all off, the Knights were named Fans of the Game! (via @nphewitt)


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