Free Knuble

Update (March 8, 2012; 11 am): With it looking likely Knuble will again be scratched for tonight’s game, and the clarification that it should definitely be allowed inside Verizon Center, we’re making the full-size version of “Free Knuble” available to all. The pdf is linked below. It’s super easy – you just:

  1. print out the pdf (note: it requires 8 regular-size sheets of paper, and a fair amount of your office’s color ink),
  2. cut along the dotted lines,
  3. tape them together to form one giant sign,
  4. take it to the game (roll it up for easy transport, or secure it to poster board for more structural integrity), and
  5. find the delicate balance between a) displaying it early/often and b) not getting thrown out.

Have at is: Free Knuble (Full-Size)

Original Post: As promised, here are some signs to take to tonight’s game – or any future game where Knuble might be incomprehensibly scratched. These should print out nicely on a regular sheet of paper, and there’s even a little bit of room to add your own little messages.

Feel free to post these elsewhere – just spread the word.

Free Knuble

If you’re feeling particularly feisty:

Scratch Hunter (Note: this one may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Trust us.)


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