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Brouwer Pouwer Signs

Get your Brouwer Pouwer sign right HERE.


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Free Knuble

Update (March 8, 2012; 11 am): With it looking likely Knuble will again be scratched for tonight’s game, and the clarification that it should definitely be allowed inside Verizon Center, we’re making the full-size version of “Free Knuble” available to all. The pdf is linked below. It’s super easy – you just:

  1. print out the pdf (note: it requires 8 regular-size sheets of paper, and a fair amount of your office’s color ink),
  2. cut along the dotted lines,
  3. tape them together to form one giant sign,
  4. take it to the game (roll it up for easy transport, or secure it to poster board for more structural integrity), and
  5. find the delicate balance between a) displaying it early/often and b) not getting thrown out.

Have at is: Free Knuble (Full-Size)

Original Post: As promised, here are some signs to take to tonight’s game – or any future game where Knuble might be incomprehensibly scratched. These should print out nicely on a regular sheet of paper, and there’s even a little bit of room to add your own little messages.

Feel free to post these elsewhere – just spread the word.

Free Knuble

If you’re feeling particularly feisty:

Scratch Hunter (Note: this one may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Trust us.)

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#knublesign2 (a.k.a. Tonight, We’re All Knuble’s Knights)

Be it hereby decreed that on the Twentieth day of the Twelfth month in the year of our Lord, Two-thousand Eleven, #knublesign2 was a righteous victory for all that is noble and good.

Or, put simpler, we made a big-ass sign and once again people actually agreed to help hold it up as we all celebrated Mike Knuble’s 1,000th career NHL game. Here are some photos courtesy of lots of great people. Also be sure to check out the recap of the 1,000th-game ceremony from the indubitably extraordinary Russian Machine Never Breaks, from whom we kindly “borrowed” some of these shots.

We mentioned it on Twitter last night, but wanted to say thanks again to Megan Knuble (that would be Mike’s wife) for saying hi last night before warmups. (Megan and their kids were watching from the ice machine tunnel right next to where we were.) She was extremely gracious and we’re honored she would even stop by and say hello.

Congrats again to Mike Knuble on reaching this epic milestone. It was an honor to contribute to the festivities in our small way. And thanks again to everyone else who made it work.

And now begins the picture show.

Getting set up at warmups (via @irockthered)

Set up on the glass for warmups. Thanks to all who helped!. (via @raedanda)

Possibly our favorite shot of the night - Knuble in front of us at #knublesign2. (We're holding up 2 fingers because he had just scored his second "goal" during warmups. Also because it works out to be 2 and 2, which is totally what we meant to do.) (via @clydeorama)

P.S. Clydeorama got a ton of great shots at warmups. Check ’em out.

#knublesign2 made it into the silver stick presentation (screen shot via @russianmachine)

#knublesign2 on CSN's broadcast. If only the "l" and the "e" had their heads in the game. (screenshot via @russianmachine)

The Caps did a montage for the ceremony, and used some older video of us in it - how cool is that?!

Having some trouble embedding the whole video, so view it on RMNB’s recap.

CSN also did its own montage at some point around the second period:

And showed us awkwardly seat-dancing during the music for the last Power Play. (via @WashCapsRock)

To cap (hehe) it all off, the Knights were named Fans of the Game! (via @nphewitt)

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Mike Knuble Day …

Can’t join us for #knublesign2 at the game tonight (Mike Knuble’s 1,000th)? Print out your own mini #knublesign or our “Congrats, Millennium Mike” sign. Click the image for a PDF:






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C What I Did There? (Or, O Captain, My Captain)

There’s been a lot of chatter the last couple days that new Caps Coach Dale Hunter should strip the captaincy from Alex Ovechkin and give it to someone like Our Man Mike.

As arguably Knuble’s most ardent, blindly-devoted fans, we are inclined to think he deserves the “C.” We lobbied for him to get it back in 2010. He’s an experienced veteran, and as fans we’ve had some opportunities to see his leadership in action. These brief glimpses point to the likelihood that he’s an even more active leader in ways fans never see. But that doesn’t mean we think Hunter should take the “C” from Ovi and give it to Knoobs.

It may have been a mistake to give the captaincy to Ovi  expecting it to inspire him to be a better leader of men, but what’s done is done. Do the pros of a new coach stripping a much-loved (if currently frustrating) superstar of the “C” and giving it to a more proven leader outweigh the potential cons?

We may be missing something, but it seems the main argument for transferring the “C” is that Knuble or Laich or someone else deserves it more because they exhibit more locker-room leadership than Ovi. Although we as fans are privy to extremely little locker room leadership, that might be a fair point. But Knuble, Laich and presumably others are exhibiting that leadership without the “C” already. Would giving them the “C” make them more of a leader?

It’s not as if Knuble says, “I guess I can’t/shouldn’t be a leader in this locker room because all I’ve got on my sweater is this measly old ‘A’ patch.” We know that’s not the case. He is known for speaking his mind behind closed doors and to the media. Nor would I expect that other guys in the locker room refuse to listen to Knuble because he wears an “A” patch rather than the “C,” or that they don’t listen to Laich because he doesn’t wear a patch at all.

Giving the “C” to Knuble wouldn’t achieve much aside from a symbolic recognition of his leadership. Giving it to Laich wouldn’t achieve much aside from a symbolic recognition of the role he’s played and is expected to play over the coming years as a strong leader on and off the ice and a well-grounded, consistent player (compared to the flashy and recently inconsistent play from the superstar). The pros feel good, but the cons may outweigh them.

We saw how Ovi responded to being “benched” … immaturely. Do we really believe he’ll respond to being stripped of the “C” by playing harder? Or, will he be annoyed/offended by it and play even lazier? Beyond the psychological effects on Ovi (and no, he shouldn’t react badly to it, but it’s always a risk), what about the image the new coach wants to present to his team? There’s likely enough unease and tension in the locker room after Boudreau’s firing without also asking the players to reconsider whether Ovi deserves the “C.” As something that’s generally regarded as the players recognizing and honoring their teammate, does Coach Hunter really want to come in and give the impression he’s trying to turn them against one another? There are much more productive ways to enact accountability and inspire better performance.

The official role of the captain is to communicate with referees on the ice. Ovi seems to take that role seriously and do a good job of sticking up for his team in dealing with the zebras. Unless he fails at that job, he should keep it. The “C” patch obviously takes on a more symbolic role in terms of representing and recognizing behind-the-scenes leadership, but should it?

Leaders are leaders regardless of the official designations. Giving Ovi the “C” didn’t make him a better leader, and giving it to Knuble won’t make him a better a leader either. The fact of the matter is Knuble represents the symbolic elements of the captain without the patch and acts as a captain of the team without being asked to – which to us is a mark of true leader.

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#knublesign wrap-up (THANK YOU!)

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the #knublesign experiment so much fun – especially to the awesome guys from @russianmachine and @JapersRink for helping get the word out. And thanks to @UnleashtheFury for getting there early and helping us get the best spot on the glass, and all the rest who showed up to hold signs and be part of the fun.

The players seemed to like it during warm-ups. We got a puck shot (right at my face, yikes) from Chimera and stick taps from Hendricks. And of course, Knuble noticed as well. He ended up tossing 6-8 pucks into the crowd gathered around the sign. (For those who wondered why so many Us were missing during warm-ups, we decided not to take up so much space because we didn’t want to be the jerks who blocked kids from seeing warm-ups from the glass.)

Thanks also to everyone who snapped photos. Here’s what we’ve found so far. If you got one and it’s not here, send us a link via @knublesknights or to knublesknights(at)gmail(dot)com.

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a sneak peak of #knublesign

As part of our wildly popular #onemoreyear campaign, we’ll be unveiling a new epic sign at Wednesday’s (4/6) Caps game. It’s the last regular season home game of what could potentially be Knuble’s last year with the Caps – perfect time to start something new, right?

It’s what we’re calling a “chain sign:” 21 individual posters (K – N – U (x16) – B – L – E) that will (we hope) involve everyone in our row. The idea will be to display the sign whenever Knuble’s name is announced (it is, after all, inspired by Wes Johnson‘s reading of the name) or he does something Knubley and therefore awesome.

We need your help:

If you’ll be there for warmp-ups, join us on the glass near sections 113/114 and snag one of the letters to display during warm-ups. Just be sure to return it to us before the game.

If you’ll have a view of Section 107, take some photos and tweet them to us (@knublesknights and tag them with #knublesign) or email them (to knublesknights (at) gmail (dot) com).

If by chance you are actually sitting in 107-R, or know someone who sits there, or want to sneak in from another section (we do not endorse this), help us! This one will rely on a good amount of cooperation, but if we can pull it off it should be pretty great.

If you’re watching on TV and they show the sign, send us a screen grab via twitter (@knublesknights and tag them with #knublesign) or email (knublesknights (at) gmail (dot) com).


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